Discover our ideal products for each phase of mining

Caplamps is a pre requisite for mining job; Its performance and runtime need to be exceptional. Our RacLite Dunamis 232 model was developed to. 16 hours Runtime, no cable, O LED screen, IP68 (waterproof) and superior luminal power.


Ranges with 36 or 72 LEDs per linear meter

Power: AC 220V (36 Led’s) AC 110V / 220V (72 Led’s)


– The low voltage x-Glo LED Strip is designed to be energized 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The X-Glo strips are manufactured with high quality LEDs that provide a long service life, a high level of efficiency and a superior performance of the white light spectrum.

– X-Glo is available with UV resistant and dust repellent options. The x-Glo low voltage LED strip comes with a five year warranty and a 50,000 hour life expectancy.

BIG 850

Lumens: 850 High | 280 Low | 850 Strobe

Working Time: 2.5hrs High | 8hrs Low | 5hrs Strobe

Beam Distance: 450m High | 260m Low

– Rugged and super light design

– Waterproof (not submersible) and dust

– Super tough ABS body

– Special 10 Watt Cree LED high brightness lamp

– Has a USB port for recharging cell phones

– Aluminum reflector

– Huge power

– Light distance 420m

– 3 lighting modes: White light with 3 modes: High, low and flasher

HYDRA 1500

Lumens: 1500 High | 660 Medium | 320 Low

Working Time: 5h High | 9h Medium | 22h Low

Beam Distance: 50m High

– 4 Lighting Modes (white light) High, medium, low and alert

– 2 Lighting Modes (red light) Alert and flashes

– Moving head allowing the best lighting position

– Magnetic base with built-in magnets for attachment to metal parts

– Recharges via USB cable

– Robust, impact and vibration resistant

– High performance

– Impact and Shock resistant (1.5-2M anti-fall)


Lumens: High: 3500 | Low: 1750

Working Time: High: 4h | Low: 8h

Beam Distance: High: 30m | Low: 15m

– Moving head with special LEDs

– Magnetic base for fixing to metal parts

– 2 lighting intensities

– Lumic power of 3,500 lumens

– Powered by sealed Lithium-ion battery (maintenance free)

– Easy transport (Light and practical)

– IP54

– Base with reflective stickers


Lumens: 10.000

Working Time: 5.30hrs High | 8hrs Medium | 21hrs Low

– Super powerful rechargeable remote lighting kit

– Super white LEDs

– Possibility to focus the light or space over a large area

– Very simple to assemble and disassemble

– Easy to transport, comes with a bag that can be carried on the shoulders

– Mast reaches 2.7m in height

– High performance

– Impact and Shock resistant (1.5-2M anti-fall)

– 360 ° or 180 ° adjustable head for full illumination of your area

– 3 Lighting modes: High, medium and low


Lumens: Luz espaçada: 5.000 | Luz Focada: 11.000 | Boost (luz espaçada + luz focada): 16.000

Autonomia: Luz espaçada: 12h | Luz Focada 7h 30m | Boost (luz espaçada + luz focada): 4h 30m

– Cabeça giratória 180° e inclinável, configuração rápida e fácil ajuste de 4 níveis

– Altamente portátil, extremamente compacto e leve

– Cabo de energia está embutido no poste para evitar obstáculos e danos

– Alça de ombro resistente e alça de transporte para facilitar a locomoção

– 3 modos de iluminação: Luz espaçada | Luz Focada | Boost (luz espaçada + luz focada)

– A saída de luz de 16.000 lúmens fornecerá uma ampla difusão de luz e pode durar até 48 horas

– O console de controle permite que o tempo de execução seja definido conforme necessário, para que o Solaris Pro defina o nível de luz para durar o tempo necessário

– Devido ao poste telescópico de múltiplas posições e à cabeça leve, juntamente com as pernas estabilizadoras, pode ser usado em terrenos irregulares, por exemplo, em uma estrada, obras em geral ou aterro ferroviário