Agribusiness & Food

Discover our ideal products for each stage of the agricultural and food industry

Did you know that graindust can be very dangerous? In the presence of a heat source, flammable gases can bereleased, generating an explosive atmosphere. You only need a spark, tho cause an explosion.

For these environments use the appropriate intrinsically safe equipment is essential

Discoverour ideal products for each phase of agribusiness:


Lumens: 216 High | 100 Low

Working Time: 5hrs 8mins High | 12hrs 12mins Low

Beam Distance: 100m High | 75m Low


– For use on the head or helmet using an elastic fabric strap with rubberized interior. Angled adjustable head with rotary switch meets users’ vision needs to keep working in any situation

– Waterproof (not submersible) and dust IP67

– Super tough ABS body

– Head with adjustable 90 ° beam angle

– Special Cree XP-G2 high brightness LED lamp

– 2 types of lighting: High and low

– 3 AAA alkaline battery not included


Lumens: 160 High

Working Time: 4h High | 30m Low

Beam Distance: 150m


– Option of activation by MOTION SENSOR. Excellent for activities with gloves and little touch.

– For use on the head or helmet. Unique on the market with elastic fabric strap with rubberized interior that prevents the helmet from slipping.

– CREE XP-E super white and high brightness red LED

– Powered by long-life 1200mAh Li-Polymer battery

– 3 lighting modes in the main light: High, low and flashing

– LED indicator showing battery level and charging status

– Adjustable 45 degree beam angle

– High impact and shock resistance, anti-fall 1.5-2M

– IPX4 resistance

BIG 850

Lumens: 850 High | 280 Low | 850 Strobe

Working Time: 2.5hrs High | 8hrs Low | 5hrs Strobe

Beam Distance: 450m High | 260m Low

– Rugged and super light design

– Waterproof (not submersible) and dust

– Super tough ABS body

– Special 10 Watt Cree LED high brightness lamp

– Has a USB port for recharging cell phones

– Aluminum reflector

– Huge power

– Light distance 420m

– 3 lighting modes: White light with 3 modes: High, low and flasher

EX 120

Lumens: 235 High | 83 Low

Working Time: 11hrs High | 37hrs 30min Low

Beam Distance: 153m High – 85m Low


– Waterproof (not submersible) and dust IP67

– Super tough ABS body

– Special Cree XP-E LED high brightness lamp

– More than 37h of work on

– You can use rechargeable NIMH batteries

– 2 types of lighting: High and low white light

– Comes with clip for fixing in pocket

HYDRA 1500

Lumens: 1500 High | 660 Medium | 320 Low

Working Time: 5h High | 9h Medium | 22h Low

Beam Distance: 50m High

– 4 Lighting Modes (white light) High, medium, low and alert

– 2 Lighting Modes (red light) Alert and flashes

– Moving head allowing the best lighting position

– Magnetic base with built-in magnets for attachment to metal parts

– Recharges via USB cable

– Robust, impact and vibration resistant

– High performance

– Impact and Shock resistant (1.5-2M anti-fall)


Lumens: High: 3500 | Low: 1750

Working Time: High: 4h | Low: 8h

Beam Distance: High: 30m | Low: 15m

– Moving head with special LEDs

– Magnetic base for fixing to metal parts

– 2 lighting intensities

– Lumic power of 3,500 lumens

– Powered by sealed Lithium-ion battery (maintenance free)

– Easy transport (Light and practical)

– IP54

– Base with reflective stickers


Lumens: 1600 High | 800 Low

Working Time: 5h High | 10h Low

– Safety certificate: Class I Division 1, ATEX Zone 0, IECEx ia

– Up to 1,600 lumens

– Up to 10 hours work

– NiMH rechargeable battery

– High / low lighting modes

– Low battery indicator